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We Provide Agency Growth Specialists

RepStack places Agency Growth Specialists inside your internal teams, increasing lead flow, sales growth, and client retention.

We do this by giving you VAs that benchmark with the best workforces in the world for 4 strategic roles:

  • Marketing Associates
  • Sales Development Rep
  • Account Manager
  • Executive Assistants

Avoid being the bottleneck and focus on the bigger picture


Welcome To RepStack
Discover How To Hire A Players for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Here’s why we’re the best fit to meet your agency needs

  • We exclusively deal and place associates with Digital Marketing Agencies: You’re partnering with a team that understands your industry and can provide the best possible service
  • Fast Track your way to 7 figures & build a team of Agency Future Leaders
  • Our Associates are growth-oriented, driven and exclusively work for your agency 

Azhar Siddiqui

We are a proud community of 200+ satisfied marketing agencies and 250+ associates


Onboard Agency Growth Specialists

For Your Marketing Agency

Marketing Associate

Sales Development Rep

Account Manager

Executive Assistant

Execute Key Marketing Campaigns for your Agency

Cold Email Outreach, Social Media Management, Paid Ads, Webinars and Podcasts, Content Syndication: Get maximum visibility with these Marketing Campaigns.

Reach Your Potential Audience Through Social Media

Want an effective social media presence? Let Content Creation, Development, and scheduling be handled by your Marketing Assistant. Build Authority in your niche by having a strong social media presence.

Build Automations, Workflows and Effective Landing Pages

Boost conversions and simplify your process by automations such as workflow management, creating forms, and landing pages to drive leads and customers.

Level up your Marketing

Qualify Prospects and Potential Clients: Appointment Setting

Let our Sales Development Reps take over your agency’s sales operations by qualifying leads and booking appointments.

Define your Sales Process by customized Follow-ups

Manage your customer relationships with CRM and social media follow ups, ensuring you stay on top of relationships with current prospects as well as potential ones.

Build & Nurture Relationships with your Prospects

Nurture prospects and leads as our SDRs leverage their best communication skills to build strong interpersonal connections.

Unlock Opportunities for Growth with Proactive and Targeted Outreach.

Retain Clients for Long-Term Success

A great way to manage your clients, our Account Managers ensure client retention is their number 1 priority by constantly nurturing your customers.

Take your Customer Success To the Next Level

Customer success is crucial to the success of your agency. Our Account Managers are dedicated to ensuring that your clients are happy and satisfied, while also making sure to upsell your services. 

Solve Client Problems Proactively and Present Effective Solutions

You can be sure that your clients will retain you in the long run with a lasting impression/positive experience. Our Account Managers are effective problem solvers

Retain Clients Like Never Before

Stay Organized & On-Track with your Workday

Bogged down by having to reschedule meets and feel unproductive when you lack organization in your executive work day? With our EAs, you’ll have your whole day mapped out; all you have to do is be present!

Build Professionalism & Executive Presence

Your Executive Assistants are the picture of professionalism, with each one bearing a polished look that exudes success in the agency world.

Get a Productive Worflow that Avoids Micromangement

Our EAs are incredibly organized and have the ability to strategize how to approach each task. They are able to anticipate your prompting needs, as well as communicate effectively and efficiently with other team members.

Our Executive Assistants are Passionate to Deliver the Best Results



RepStack Success Academy

The powerhouse for leveraging the talents of our extraordinary team.

Here at RepStack, we’re training the next generation of leaders. We call it “RSA” or RepStack Sucess Academy. It’s a powerhouse for leveraging our extraordinary talent pool to lead from their strengths!

  • Training courses designed by World Class Coaches like Josh Nelson, Andrew Cass, Alex Schlinsky & Dennis Yu
  • Daily assessments designed to vet qualities like Work Ethic & Performance
  • At any given time, we have 30+ candidates ready to be placed with our clients

The RepStack Mission, Vision & Purpose

RepStack Core Focus

RepStack aims to deliver on our mission of placing 500 Agency Growth Specialists with Passionate and Mission-Driven Marketing Agencies

Our Purpose

Level the playing field for Digital Marketing Agency Specialists based on merits and not on their location

Our Cause

We provide growth-oriented and passionate Digital Marketing Agencies with Future Leaders who benchmark to the best workforces in the world

Our Niche

Digital Marketing Agencies

Here’s a quick look at how we Onboard new Clients with our Agency Growth Specialists

Our 4-Step Client Onboarding

Strategy Session

Candidate Interview

Onboarding + CSM

Step Back & Grow

Strategy Session

Book a free Strategy Session where we’ll understand your needs and create a customized Job Description

Candidate Interview

Once you choose the Agency Growth Specialist you want to work with, we’ll arrange the Interview and candidate introduction call.


Onboarding + CSM

After finding the perfect candidate, we will officially start the onboarding process which includes your introduction to a dedicated client success manager


Step Back & Grow

It doesn’t end there… RepStack will consistently keep tabs on your candidate’s performance, their ongoing training, and management to ensure your success!


Why People Love Working With Us

RepStack Learning Platform!!

Let’s answer all your question to grow your agency at it’s best

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